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Spiritual Transformation

July 2018

Greetings Friends!

As always, I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy,....and feeling LOVED!

I also hope that you had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th - hanging with family and friends, catching some fireworks, or just enjoying a much needed break from work.

This week, I've been working mostly from home. It's nice to be able to work remotely sometimes, doing phone readings, distance Reiki sessions, or working on scheduling and things like...newsletters! Today is no exception. From the comfort of my living room couch, I have a terrific view of not only my laptop screen but also one of my favorite plants in our garden - our butterfly bush. Well maybe not so much a bush. At 10 feet tall, we should probably just start calling it a butterfly tree. Nevertheless, it's pretty awesome. Awesome because it attracts some of my favorite friends. It's like my own private window into a world of colorful butterflies, zipping hummingbirds, bumble bees, and an occasional dragonfly or two. Cardinals pay visits, resting on the branches and peering at their reflections in the window. It's quite a show, especially in the mornings... and I've got the best seat in the house!

For some reason, I've been feeling drawn to talk about Spiritual Transformation so I guess it's no surprise that my eyes keep getting pulled towards the butterfly bush (tree). I mean, what's a better example of transformation than a butterfly? As I marvel at these magical flying creatures, my thoughts go to the peculiar physical changes that must take place for them to become these newer, more colorful, more mobile versions of themselves. Their life stages are so unique and distinct - from egg to larva to chrysalis to adult butterfly. The most notable being the metamorphosis that takes place from caterpillar to butterfly during the chrysalis cycle. I mean, seriously?? Check it out on You Tube. It's crazy! Nature is so fascinating and bizarre sometimes. Why would a species...any species...need to go through such drastic changes to become a different version of themselves? I wonder if it's painful? It must be worth it or else they wouldn't go through it, right?

And then I think back on my life and think about the many transformations I have gone through - every decade, every chapter, every challenge, every experience - to become who I am today. Geez. Was it painful? Sometimes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I mean, we all go through these stages and life cycles in order to grow and to learn and to, hopefully, become better versions of ourselves. Sometimes we may take two steps forward and three steps back...but the ultimate goal is the same. To grow.

Like the butterfly, it's easy to see our physical transformations. Our bodies clearly change. Oh boy, do they change . Some things we have control over, some things we don't. Some parts of growing are exciting and, a baby's legs finding the strength and coordination to walk. And some are, when your knees crap out after 30 years of playing soccer. Regardless, it's safe to say that what you see in the mirror today is not likely the same as what you will look like in 30 years. And not the same as what you saw in the mirror when you were 5. But that's part of the life cycle. Aging is natural and life experiences play a role in changes of our physical appearance. I guess that part is a no brainer really.

But what about changes in your personality, character, and thinking? As we age, and experience life's highs and lows, how does that change us? Do we change for the better? I believe that every experience that we have - whether it be romantic, traumatic, successful, hateful, joyful, jealous, ecstatic, painful, or rich with love - helps us to grow. With each experience, we grow and evolve. We transform and become newer versions of ourselves. With each experience, we see ourselves, and others and the world, differently. We learn what to do or not to do next time. We learn how our actions and words can be powerful. We learn how to navigate life's ups and downs. They say, "With age comes wisdom". I would have to agree. What a great school life is.

So what about Spiritual Transformation? What's that all about?

Loosely translated, a spiritual transformation is what happens when we begin to shift awareness from our physical, or human, selves to our spiritual selves. Our spiritual selves are that part of us that connects with energy that is in and around us at all times. No matter what religion or faith, it is the energy that exists to give us life force. It's the energy of our higher consciousness. It's the energy that we refer to as God, the Divine, Source, Creator, Holy Spirit...(whatever name works for's just a name). It is unconditional LOVE. Some call this transformation an "awakening", some call it becoming "enlightened". I'm sure there are a boatload of other phrases or terms that are used by other cultures or religions to describe this shift in awareness or perception. Spiritual transformation works for me.

How does this happen exactly? First let me say that I believe that we enter this human existence connected with Spirit...already plugged in. As newborns, we are naturally tuned in to the energies that we cannot "see", "smell", "hear", or "touch". Children seem especially aware of the energetic frequencies of spirit (i.e. imaginary friends, knowledge of information beyond their young years). As children, we communicate with spirit and with each other through creativity and imagination. It's natural! But as we age, the need to learn important analytic skills and logic (rules, math, social norms, etc) takes the front seat, often times putting creativity in the rear facing car seat. This isn't true for everyone..there are plenty of people who exercise their creative minds all the time. But many of us haven't in a long time. When is the last time you built a fort with cushions or colored or pretended your were a super hero...when you weren't playing with a child? In order to function in society, most of us needed to learn vocational and social skill sets so that we could date, find work, raise kids, secure shelter and food. Often times, we go through life so focused on life "stuff" that we become disconnected from the energies of spirit. It's always there, of course. And at times we may tap in by turning to our faith through prayer or by going to church or meditating. But I'm talking about when we are so distracted by our human experience that we are just not tuning in. For some people (like me), this can go on for years and years. It's not a judgement. It just is what it is. Life happens!

Spiritual transformation is what takes place when we make the conscious effort to reconnect with Spirit. Whether this is through prayer, meditation, yoga, or sitting with your feet in the sand and closing your's about shifting your awareness from the body to your conscious thoughts with the intention of connecting to our higher consciousness, or Spirit, for guidance, for clarity, for peace, and for love.

I often think about how different my life would have been had I stayed "awake" for the last 3 decades. I sure would have avoided a lot of whoopsies! and painful experiences. I definitely would have spared myself a lot of disappointment, as I spent many many years exercising my 'free will' with lousy results. But then I am reminded how purposeful all of those experiences were. They helped me to grow and to develop empathy and compassion and to eventually learn self love and setting boundaries....and forgiveness. Had I been sitting in meditation all those years, asking for guidance and trusting my intuition, I may have avoided a few challenging relationships. But then I would never fully understand what it means to experience the heartache of a breakup. Or what it feels like to be cheated on. But because I went through them, I do understand. And these experiences not only taught me self love and forgiveness....but also that our hearts have the capacity to heal. Now those, and countless other memories, help me to be of service. I can empathize with, and show compassion to, those who are going through what I have gone through. And I am able to help them as a result. So I am grateful for the years that I was disconnected. I am grateful for my bumpy ride. But I am also so very grateful for the events that brought me to rediscover my connection with Spirit.

Many of you are familiar with my story so I will spare you the longer version. So here's the quick and dirty...

My spiritual awakening came on unexpectedly and involuntarily. My husband and I were going about our business of living what I considered a "normal" existence. We worked hard, partied on the weekends, played sports, got along most of the time, and enjoyed vacations with our dogs. Then one day my husband fell and broke his pelvis in three places while working in Queens. On that day, our normal lives came to a complete stop. And his fall was just the beginning of a 4 year spell of tragedy in our lives. In that time, one of our dogs was hit by a truck (he survived, but it was a long recovery), Grandma had brain tumor surgery and was in rehab for months until she passed, I looked after my Grandad for a year until he passed, then spent months wrapping up their estate, I ended up in the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery, and then my other dog was diagnosed with bone cancer. All this while working full time. It was a lot...even for me.

It was during this time that I began reconnecting with Spirit. And it was through caring for my dog with cancer that I really began to awaken. I waved my little white flag and I began talking to God, to the angels, to my guides, and my grandparents....and it made me feel better. Clearly, it took a big fat handful of hard knocks for me to finally surrender and ask for help and to turn towards something greater than my human self for guidance. But I'm so grateful that I did because it led to the spiritual transformation that brings me to where I am today... and to doing this work.

I'm also grateful for everything I've learned through reconnecting with Spirit. What have I learned from my spiritual journey so far? Well...that I'm not the boss. I am co-creating my life and my reality with Spirit. I am responsible for my happiness. I've learned patience for myself and others. I've learned how to suspend judgement (most of the time....I'm human!) and to let go of thoughts and feelings about my past that no longer serve me. I've learned how to manage my energy and I've learned the power of my thoughts and words. I've learned that forgiveness is unnecessary when I love unconditionally. I've learned that I have a team of loving spiritual energies that are with me at all times and are working to help guide me every step of the way. I've learned to listen to them when they are giving me intuitive nudges. I've learned that I can see the beauty in all things and all people, to see their Souls...but I that it's okay to love at an arm's length, when necessary. I have learned that there is definitely continuity of life after we leave our physical bodies. I have learned to love myself, first and foremost. And I have learned that love is the solution...for everything.

And I've learned.... that I still have a lot to learn

So that's my story. At least that's the beginning of my spiritual transformation story. It may not look anything like your story and that's alright. In fact, that's the beauty of spiritual transformation. We are all in different places, learning different things, experiencing our own highs and lows... at the perfect times for each of us. If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be where I am today spiritually, I would have told them they were bat s&!# crazy! So I think it's really important for us to realize that we are all growing and learning in different ways and at different rates - that each person's spiritual connection and transformation is unique and personal. Others may not be where you are or you may not be where you want to be yet....and that's okay. Your story may be that you have always felt connected to Spirit and that is awesome! You may feel like your belief system is shifting and changing...and that's okay, too. You may be reading this and still wondering what the heck I'm talking about. All good!

Or maybe, like are working your way out of the chrysalis so that you, with your beautiful new wings, can fly.

Sending love out to all those who need/want it and prayers to those who may be hurting today. May you find peace in your heart and a smile on your face no matter what is happening in your world. And if you need a place to go to lift your spirits, I hope you'll stop by sometime

Here's what's happening at Light Works this month...

Come join the block party in Old Town Manassas to celebrate 1st Friday on July 7th. Enjoy great food, live music, and local vendors after a long hard week!! Light Works will be open to the public so pop in to say hello! Juli & Joyce will be in to show you around and to answer questions. There may even be cookies

Discovering (or rediscovering) your spiritual connection can be exciting and life changing. To friends and family, it may be confusing. How do you grow spiritually when your partner, friends, and family members are not experiencing what you are? Join us for the two hour workshop to discuss, "Enlighten Me! - Nurturing Relationships During Spiritual Growth" on July 12th.

Also on July 12th, we'll be getting together for Movie Night! to watch...."Awake in the Dream" . Through lessons from visionaries and spiritual teachers as well as numerous exercises, Awake in the Dream gives us the tools to break down the walls of the person we have created for ourselves. Complete the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly! Tap into the potential that has existed since the beginning of time. And wake up to the wholeness that awaits each and every one of us. Come hang out with me and other like minded folks for a chill night at the movies ...popcorn provided

Want to set your intention for positive changes in your life? On July 18th, join us for a guided meditation to focus on just that at "Let's Meditate! Guided Meditation for Positive Change!". Relax and leave all of your stress behind as tap into the many health benefits of meditation!

Take your Reiki Level I training to the next level with Usui Ryoho Reiki Level II Certification class on July 21st. Reiki isn't just a healing modality. It's a lifestyle that promotes self well as physical, emotional, and Spiritual health. Become certified as a Level II practitioner to help others...and yourself!! Are you a massage therapist looking for a class that offers CE credit hours that you can apply towards your license requirements? Receive 6 CE hours when you take this class!

Next, I'll be teaching Meditation with Connect with Spirit! on July 22nd. Want to learn how to connect with Spirit? In this class, you'll learn my method of connecting with the angels, spirit guides, and loved ones...and, yes, anyone can do it

Lastly, I'll be joining fellow medium, Stacey Nichole, on July 25th for an evening of channeled messages at "Voices of Spirit - Mediumship Gallery featuring Juli & Stacey!". Come out and witness the amazing connections and loving messages from Angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side! Those in the Spirit world are always around and want to help us to heal, to feel loved & supported as we navigate our way through life in the physical world. A mediumship gallery is a wonderful way to experience this beautiful connection...hope you'll join us!

So, these are just a few of the things happening this month at Light Works.

As always, new things are popping up on the Light Works Meetup page . Be sure to join the group to receive announcements. Stay tuned, stay connected, and stay in touch!

Sending lots of healing energy and LOVE to you all...hope to see you soon!

In love & light,


Juli Richardson

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, & Animal Communicator

Call 703-926-4499 or email to schedule a reading or healing session for you or someone you love

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