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Customer Testimonials

"I want to give a huge shout out to Juli Richardson and Light Works

Juli is warm, personable and a very gifted medium. Her channeled messages were spot on.  Her location is comfortable and inviting. Once you enter, you can't help but connect with others and cheer each other on.  Before entering Juli's "Love and Hugs from Heaven", I had set my intention to hear from my brother. It was more than I could have ever expected. My brother's energy was so strong, I felt him sitting next to me.  Juli shared messages from him about events and things that she would have no way of knowing. There was so much love and light.  Thank you, Juli...I will be back!"❤
Eileen G., Manassas VA
"I just felt the need to thank you again for yesterday evening's reading. I feel so much lighter, less stressed, and less lost. I slept better than I have in a long time, and I'm able to take a full deep breath (something I haven't been able to do for weeks). I cannot thank you enough for your help. I feel so lucky to have gotten some clarity.

I have recommended three friends and am really hoping they talk to you, they (like so many my age) are feeling a little lost and could use some guidance. I hope they find their sessions to be as beneficial as mine.

Thank you so so much again!!"

Allie A., Wash DC

"It is almost impossible for me to describe the positive and fascinating experiences that the Reiki 1 class has opened in my overall vision of the world and in my interior life.  I am so very glad you are the teacher that appeared for me on this journey."
Sarah F., Fredericksburg VA
"Let me just start off by saying Juli is amazing! I had a life path reading from her today and I'm just amazed. She was so on point with everything in my life. I am truly blessed I found her because now I am so relieved about some things that she told me about. She's very comforting and so sweet! I highly recommend Juli!"
Amy L., SC
"THANKS so much for such a wonderful and helpful reading. Pretty amazed at how you were able to hone right in on the specifics and provide me with the messages I needed to hear. You have a wonderful way about you. It was fun! Looking forward to working with you again. Best, Kat"

Kat P, VA

"I am so grateful Juli is part of my life! I've had readings, Reiki sessions, attended her workshops and had animal communication for my furry family. Juli is a loving and compassionate healer and being around her lifts my spirit and her workplace is filled with so much love, healing and peace!! She's amazing!!!"

Karen D., Springfield VA

"As the publisher & editor of the statewide spirituality magazine "Awareness: Exploring Spirituality" ( I include a "Psychic Profile" in each issue. I personally interview each intuitive and have a reading to determine the authenticity and accuracy of anyone featured ... I've had enough readings over the years to know a real gift when I come across it. Juli has a real gift!! Her reading was unique for me in that she had "tuned in" and prepared information before I arrived ... her insights were on target. Let me also say that she communicated with my gravely ill cat and what she got for me was incredible!! Things that didn't seem to fit, did within a matter of days. It was my first experience with animal communication and Juli made a believer of me.
I'm so impressed by Juli and her work that she will be featured in the October issue of the magazine. I highly recommend Juli's intuitive work."

Ray W., Charlottesville VA

"Juli is awesome! She is very blessed and her readings are directly on point. Juli has helped my Mom with weekly Reiki sessions. My Mom is 87 years old and had been walking with a walker in fear of falling and Juli has helped her regain her confidence and walk better with no pain. Juli's mediumship sessions have connected me with love ones passed on and each one has provided helpful loving advice. She has provided confirmation that the intuitive voice within each one of us, that we need to be listening to, is on point. I cannot say enough about her gifts and her as a person with so much love to share that the positive encouragement displayed is real. I am so glad that we finally met as I feel I have known her all of my life."

Vonda L., Culpeper VA

"I am beyond grateful and blessed to have met such a gifted, compassionate and down to earth angel such as Juli over a year ago.  Her insights and delivery of her readings have been nothing short of accurate and profoundly amazing!  Additionally, you can literally FEEL the high-vibe energy in her offices.  I HIGHLY recommend everyone witness her in action if you haven't already!"

Theresa T., Mechanicsville MD

"I highly recommend Juli and Light Works.  She is truly a gifted healer and psychic medium and works from the heart.  You know when you are with her that you are her first concern.  I have visited Juli for  Reiki, readings, animal communication and many workshops for almost two years now and she is always right on.  Her offices are decorated with love and make you feel instantly safe and at peace.  She is indeed, an earth angel!"

Maggie S., Gainesville VA

"I have used julie a few times and attended may spiritual workshops and gallery's when she's been the medium. She has always been dead on and has guided me on the right path each time. She personifies love and light and I feel privileged to know her!"

Former E., Warrenton VA

"An amazing healing life changing experience! since my first visit to Juli I felt her healing comes from her heart and spirit. I was very relaxed and love having reiki sessions with her. I have sent many others in her direction as I know she is truly a blessing to our community."
Stacey O., Manassas VA
"Juli is legit and has a real gift.  Before I even walked into the room Juli knew almost everything about me and had never even met me or talked to me before!  If you need guidance, GO!  You won't be disappointed."
Bug B., Seattle WA
"Juli is a genuine, highly gifted psychic medium and spiritual teacher. She has a very loving, heart-centered approach giving messages that get right to the core with sincerity and sensitivity toward her clients. Highly recommended! Light Works is a lovely space, too!"
Pat G., Alexandria VA
"A truly gifted healer.
It's not everyday that you encounter someone as connected, caring, and kind as Juli at Light Works. I would leave 10 stars if I could. She takes the time to really connect, getting to the heart of the matter quickly and with time to help you understand and digest the messages received. Be it for reiki or a reading, treat yourself or a loved one to the lasting gift that is Light Works!"

Biansa C., Leesburg VA

"Juli is a beautiful soul who is sincere in her desire to bring about healing to all who request her assistance. She has a wonderful connection with Spirit. The gentleness she uses when delivering messages is both loving and comforting. Whether your desire is for Reiki, an Angel Card reading or the opportunity to hear from someone who has passed, you will find a sense of peace."
Jennifer T.,Leesburg, VA
"Juli is wonderful.  I've been to Light Works for a reading and for meditation.  Both experiences were great!  She told me things that were completely relevant and specific to my life and my current situation.  She truly has a gift!"

Janet N., Reston, VA

"Juli is nothing short of amazing and a blessed earth angel here to spread love and light. She has always been right on with her readings and her reiki."

Kim R., Amissville, VA

"I have met with Juli twice and the messages I received were truly pertinent to my current situations. She is amazingly genuine and kind and the insight and validations I received were on topics that are my deepest innermost thoughts. She was graceful and open and loving.  Please book a reading with her, you will gain from it."

Charis N., Manassas VA

"First of all Juli is an amazing person, I would trust her with with anything! (Trust don't come easy for me)She runs her business with love and compassion for all that come to her.  She lets spirit come through, and confirm, she has great gifts that are so special she has helped me many times.  I highly recommend!"
Jess C., ManassasVA
"God's Light truly shines through Juli, yet she is down to earth, funny, and very real.  Her reiki room is so serene and beautiful that you immediately relax when you walk in the door. She lovingly helps anyone who has their heart open to receive, and is a blessing to all who know her."

Kim F., Leesburg, VA

"Julie has gone above and beyond with me in her services. From amazing dead on Reiki, to accurate mediumship. However, my most valuable experience is that Julie took time out of her day many times to check in on my ailing pup that was my world. I could not have said goodbye to him the way I did if it were not for Julie doing Reiki and receiving his messages that helped me and my daughter beyond words. Again everything was uncanny accurate. If it were not for her, I would not have processed his passing as I did.
The atmosphere of Light Works is warm and welcoming. It's so beautifully decorated, you don't want to leave. The energy there is filled with so much love and light. I cannot recommend enough;)"
Jennifer T., Woodbridge VA

"Julie is so gifted, so caring, and such a fantastic human being. She is spot on with mediumship, amazed me with her healing touch during reiki and helped me with my sickly pup, letting me know just what was troubling him - not a diagnosis, but rather his perception of what is going on. And she nailed his personality simply through looking at a photo!

Julie's simply brilliant at what she does. I'm so glad to have found her."

Jessica C., Herndon VA
"Good evening Juli!   I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you.  You truly have a gift.  Everything we talked about was right on.   Some things will unfold in the near future.  You made my day yesterday.  I will stay in touch.  Blessings, Kathy"
Kathy C., Northern VA
"Thank you Juli for helping me. You gave me an amazing reading, you were very insightful and accurate! So accurate it still has me blown away! You are a gift and you have helped me to see thing clearer and with that I was finally able to grieve over something that happened 30+ years ago. Thank you so much and I look forward to another reading/healing.  Love & Light - Sandi"

- Sandi L, Frederick MD

"Juli is kind, insightful, and honest. I had a lovely reading with her, and it was very accurate. It was peaceful and natural. Thank you, Juli!"

- Lindy S, Mclean VA

"Thank you Juli for your gift today! I am so very proud of you and all you have accomplished! Thank you for your messages of love and insight for me! Love and light! Kim"

- Kim R,  Amissville VA

"I would say I'm more of a skeptic when it comes to these things......and then I got a very emotional and accurate reading. This is my best friend in the world and I wouldn't have trusted anyone one else to have taken me through the process or believed in the person's sincerity if it had not been her. I certainly wouldn't be sharing it if I didn't have some first hand knowledge of her as my loving caring friend and person in general who only wants the best for me and the people she loves around her. Whatever you believe...however it happened to me and the ability she has to tap into other people, the spiritual world, but most importantly in my case, the love of my family members who have passed on was more than powerful!"

- Zach J., Vero Beach FL