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Other Light Works Services Offered

Private Life Path & Coaching - $200/hour

These readings are intended to provide insight and guidance from your angels and spirit guides. If you would like to meet for a reading, please contact me to schedule an appointment. 

Readings may be done in person, over the phone, or by email.

Price includes:

* 30 minutes of pre-session work (meditation, pulling cards, energetic preparation)

* 60 minute session with me

* follow up email with typed notes and all cards pulled

Whenever possible, and my energy allows, I do try to accommodate urgent or last minute appointment requests. For these sessions, there is an additional charge of $50.

Mini Angel Card Readings - $55/$88

(card reading is via EMAIL only)

Your angels are always around you, supporting and guiding you from the other side. An angel card reading is a way to receive messages from the angels using decks of angel and oracle cards. For these readings, you may choose an 8 card or 14 card spread. As a Certified Angel Messenger, I will tune in to the energy of the angels, pull cards for you, and send them to you via email.

Private Mentoring - $200/hour

A private mentoring session is an opportunity to meet one on one to receive guidance and support from me as you work on your personal spiritual and healing practices. Whether you're trying to learn how to meditate, trying to get your healing business off the ground, wanting some help with your Mediumship, or just looking for some support from someone who understands the challenges associated with this type of work, I am happy to share my experiences and tips. And you can always count on your spirit 'team' to work through me during these sessions as well, providing guidance tailored to your individual path.

Reiki & Reading - $400

Often times your loved ones and/or spirit guides will come forward during a Reiki healing session. By scheduling a Reiki & Reading appointment, you will have the opportunity to receive loving messages after your healing session.

Animal Communication - $150/hour**

Receive messages from your furry, scaly, or feather friends! Whether your pet is living or has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I am able to connect with them for messages and to ask them for answers to your questions. Get information about their physical/emotional state, food, behavior, likes/dislikes, and more.

Readings may be done in over the phone or by email.

**additional fees may apply for in home sessions**

Whenever possible, and my energy allows, I do try to accommodate urgent or last minute appointment requests. For these sessions, there is an additional charge of $50.

Animal Reiki - $100/hour**

Animals respond very well to Reiki as they have an innate understanding of energy. Most animals find Reiki to be relaxing and may experience the same benefits as humans. It's a wonderful compliment to other forms of holistic and conventional treatments. Reiki healing for pets may be done in person or distantly.

**additional fees may apply for in home sessions** 

Children's Mindfulness - $150/hour (initial session)

$75/hour (follow up sessions)

Ages 4 - 18 (parent attendance required for children 10 and under)

These sessions focus on teaching children the basic mindfulness skills. These skills are tools to help them to feel more calm, centered, and focused as they learn how to shift their awareness to their energy. Each child is different, with different needs and life circumstances. The initial session is an opportunity to meet and assess those needs in order to create a unique mindfulness program that works for that child. Mindfulness techniques focus on breathing exercises, meditations, emotional awareness, and activities that promote reflection, gratitude, kindness, self love, and creativity. These techniques are based on Lorraine Murray's Connected Kids Program (soon to be certified!). 

Chakra Clearing & Balancing - $150

Need a quick tune up? Or concerned about a health issue? I will check your chakras to identify problem areas. In the same visit, I will perform a clearing of the chakras. This feels like an energetic "pick me up".

For more chronic or deep rooted issues, full Reiki Healing sessions are recommended.

For phone & Zoom sessions, feel free to contact me directly if you don't find an opening online that works for you. I may have openings not posted in the online scheduler.

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